The Maison was born in Switzerland in 2013, conceived and raised by Giorgio Biella and Emilia Armida Chinigò.

Giorgio and Emilia’s first idea was to finally achieve a long-held dream.
Onyrico (“Dream World”) is Maison’s first brand and a lovely tribute spiced up by the same Italian ingenuity which gifted beauty to the whole world.

Onyrico is the expression of beauty and refined, both conveyed into attention to the smallest details and to the many nuances. True luxury has always been time, that’s the main ingredient in Onyrico – Timeless Emotions.

It features a great personality and uniqueness, achieved through her magic fragrances and through precious hand-made marble lids. Each perfume has its very own variety of marble, each lid is a unique piece.


Onyrico concept born from the collaboration of two friends, Emilia and Stefania: they shared a passion for perfumes, an olfactory journey that would redefine their lives forever. Emilia, with her refined sense of elegance and sophistication, and Stefania, with her creative and whimsical spirit, embarked on a remarkable adventure together – they decided to create their own niche collection of perfumes.

After years of research, exploring the world of scents and understanding the artistry behind fragrance creation. Emilia, with her meticulous attention to detail, delved into the science of perfumery, learning about different notes, accords, and the delicate balance required to create enchanting fragrances. Stefania, on the other hand, brought her boundless imagination, infusing each scent with stories, dreams, and emotions that transformed fragrances into a sensory experience.


Emilia’s second idea follows the same path of her first project: Anima Mundi was born in 2018 so that the tribute could be passed on from individuals to some of the main Ancient Civilizations that left a mark on History.

It is Love’s red thread which connects the Art to the Sacred. Anima Mundi aims at focusing on plants, resins, flowers, trees and fragrances protagonist of sacred and religious cults of Mankind’s most important ancient civilizations.
Each perfume recalls the rituals and the traditions of peoples who were still connected to a thinner dimension of Existence.

Olfaction is the main sense when it comes to connecting to our emotions and feelings, narrow roads leading to the communion with thinner worlds. Anima Mundi is an olfactory voyage through space and time of the sacred dimension of 5 great civilizations.

Anima Mundi, Secrets of Ancient Times.

Thanks to Maison Niche and Co, Emilia and Giorgio can tell us valuable stories through unique and artistic perfumes.


Sometimes words cannot describe properly emotions, we want to invole each of your senses with this video on our best fragrances.


Onyrico is a perfume born as an expression of freedom, independence and individualism. It couldn’t be otherwise.

Onyrico was created on a large white canvas and realized without any creative and material constraints. These fragrances reflect our soul and are an expression of our dreams.

Ten fragrances that describe the great dream of beauty based the history of Italy reflected through the marble’s caps and precious perfumed ingredients.

Anima Mundi is a journey back to the most fascinating and remote periods of human history. Those which gave rise to writing and philosophy, the great religions and the imposing architectures which still evoke emotions and deep admiration.

Each fragrance is an atavistic call that crosses temporal and geographical distances, the essence of a people and the echo of a philosophical principle that goes back to the dawn of time.

the Soul of the World, the “breath” that gives life, the creative spirit that forms the Universe.

For centuries, the “Black Swan” has been a metaphor for what could never exist—an absolute rarity. This figure of speech was left behind when black swans were actually discovered to exist in Australia.

Giovenale, a n ancient roman poet, wrote: “rara avis in terris, nigroque simillima cygno” (A rare bird on Earth, like a Black Swan).

The Cigno Nero Milano perfume line takes inspiration from this concept of rarity, atypicalness, and unconventionality: it represents the brand and the entire collection.