ARTIMITIA – Woman’s Power. Tribute to Artemisia Gentileschi, the first artist woman painter of history.
Flowery – fresh spicy

ARCHIMEDE – The smell of incredible Sicily.
Citrus – gourmand – flowery – spicy

EMPIREO – The perfume of Heaven.
Citrus – flowery

INGENIUM – A mysterious fragrance, dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci
Spicy – woody – slowery – citrus

ITINERIS – An olfactive journey on the Silky Way traced by Marco Polo
Citrus – fresh spicy

MICHELANGELO – The perfume of Michelangelo’s Land.
Fruity – woody – flowery

ROSSA BOHEME – Close your eyes and smell the perfume of Teatro La Scala of Milan.
Citrus – spicy – chypre

TAU – The enveloping scent of Italian Mediterranean Nature.
Aromatic – woody – resinous

UNGUENTUM – The perfume of Julius Cesar, the perfume of Rome.
Spicy – woody – resinous – fruity

ZEPHIRO – The smell of Springtime captured by the drawing of Botticelli.
Citrus – Fresh flowery


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