ANIMA LIBERA – Dedicated to Pegasus
Iris & Musk –  citrus-woody-musky
The scent of creative people.
It recalls Intuition, creativity, freedom and dreams.

ARABA FENICE – Dedicated to Phoenix
Mango & Rose  – flowery -green
The perfume for those who want changes.
It recalls Rebirth, renewal, evolution and change.

DOLCE CANTO –Dedicated to Mermaid
Apple  & Ginger – flowery-fruity-ozonic
The scent of sensual people.
It recalls Seduction, enchantment, passion.

FORZA SUPREMA – Dedicated to Dragon
Incense & Leather – spicy-woody-leather
The scent of strong and courageous people.
It recalls Strength, energy, courage and vitality.

PURA ESSENZA – Dedicated to Unicorn
Jasmine & Oud  – oriental-spiced
The scent of people who believe in values.
It recalls Purity, justice, sensitivity and mysticism.


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