Personalize your style adding a special detail that makes the difference. In this difficult moment you need a touch of glamor, to brighten and pamper yourself every day. Charme & Safe Kit is the union between protection and glamour: in this sparkling kit there is a protective mask, BeSafe, combined to Glam Spirit , the fragrance with a heartwarming and lovable aroma that protects and sanitizes.

GLAM SPIRIT is a fresh, talcy, floral, powdery, musky, beguiling, and seductive perfume that will captivate you and those around you from the moment you smell it for the first time. Thanks to its high alcohol percentage (80%), it also protects, cleans, and sanitizes. This is a fresh, young, cosmopolitan, and sensual eau fraîche with 8% perfume oil. From the very first spray, it evokes feelings of well-being, health, and joy. The fragrance can be found in the CHARM&SAFE kit, a collection that combines glamour and safety in an intense and powerful package.

The fragrance is specifically designed to be sprayed onto masks to make them safer and to disinfect them by sanitizing them; the base ingredient is alcohol (80%).

GLAM SPIRIT features a pleasant scent of cleanliness, serenity, joy, and protection. The olfactory notes have been specifically designed by the creator of the perfume house Niche and Co, Emilia Armida Chinigò, to offer an impression and feeling of well-being, beauty, and support. The fragrance family of this scent is floral/musky.

The fragrance can be used on all surfaces, fabrics, and masks, and also directly on the skin as a sanitizer. You can use it however you prefer, in the way that best suits your needs.

We recommend these uses:

  • use it as a sanitizer for mask, hands, clothing and objects
  • use it as a fresh, clean and intoxicating perfume to apply on your skin
  • sprinkle sheets and pillows, the essential oils present in the fragrance will relax your mind and accompany you in the night’s rest
  • perfume clothes and linen
  • to better face the day, spray GLAM SPIRIT around you as a “ritual” of purification and prosperity
  • have fun creating a fragrant cloud in the hot steam of the shower or bathtub
  • perfume your car to make your travels more comfortable
  • disinfect the mattress, wardrobes, drawers and your suitcases
  • spray house with GLAM SPIRIT, vaporizing it directly in the dehumidifiers, curtains, cushions, vaporizers and sofas to generate relaxation and well-being
  • use it to energetically clean up a new environment, a hotel room, a study or work logo
  • prepare yourself for meditation, sport, all those activities that generate beauty and enthusiasm by simply sprinkling it around you

GLAM SPIRIT is a glamorous, modern, young, cosmopolitan, sparkling, and seductive perfume: a fusion of beauty and safety. Savor a fragrance with an intense and captivating scent that also protects you and all your personal items.

GLAM SPIRIT is a daydream that arouses and generates amazement, enchantment and wonders.

The BeSafe masks are created in double cotton with a tight weave, breathable which guarantee personal safety: they do not allow droplets (mucus, saliva, water vapor) to escape from the mask, avoiding contamination of the environment and surrounding people.

– Washable and sterilizable (withstands high temperatures, up to 90 ° degrees) and therefore REUSABLE.

– Realized Pursuant to article 16, paragraph 2, Legislative Decree March 17, 2020, n. 18, and in accordance with the indications of the Ministry Circular 003572-P 18/03/2020

– Print with OECO-TEX.STANDARD 100 certification with non-toxic water colors.

Mask model

C'est chic, Elegant, Glitter, Jungle, Ladybug, Lovely Daisy, Tiger, We are the world, Arabesque, I love Italy

Head notes

Magnolia Blossom, White Gardenia

Heart notes

Damask Rose, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli

Base notes

Ambroxan, Cashmere Wood, Rose Musk