AMYTIS – The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

ANKH SUN AMON – The Queen of Egypt
Spicy – incense

DUSARA – The Hidden city of Petra
woody – oud – flowery

ISVARA – Mystic India
spicy –  oriental

LHASA – The smell of Hymalaya
ozonic – aquatic – fougere

POMPEII – At the foot of Vesuvio
citrus – aromatic – flowery

TIKAL – Get lost in the Mysterious Mayan forest
legnoso – gourmand

TRISKELL – The magic world of Druids
fougere – woody – flowery

1 review for Anima Mundi Discovery kit

  1. George

    Smart and super Discovery Kit! It comes in a nice eyeglasses holder with a black and gold feather . So nice!! Fragrances are relay top quality. My fav? Araba Fenice. a masterpiece of quality. The service is really kind and efficient. my compliments!!

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